Mobile Surface Measurement of Large Objects

Scanning the surface of large components often requires several individual scans, which later have to be combined into one single dataset. Until now, this has often required highly trained employees to work for hours, because many scanning positions are required and each individual scan can take hours. With their precise paths, our robots are ideal for automating these measuring tasks.

The Neobotix Scan Robot was developed together with the laser measurement scanner manufacturer API and the interface software manufacturer Eleven Dynamics and is the ideal product to realise your measurement task.

Transport and Intralogistics

Fully automated transport of objects from one place to another is one of the most common applications of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) in manufacturing and logistics. Unlike an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), AMRs are highly flexible and can easily adapt to changing tasks and environments.

In 2016, we deployed our robots at NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for an interesting transport application.

Pick and Place

Picking and placing objects is also another widespread application that can be automated with high precision using mobile robots and especially mobile manipulators. Thanks to the modern powerful cobot arms, even the most delicate or heavy components can be transported safely in the presence of humans within a robot's operational environment. This coexistence allows the human workers to concentrate on more demanding and value-adding activities, whilst the mobile robots ensure the uninterrupted operation cycle.

We have also realized pick-and-place tasks in unusual environments, for example in semiconductor manufacturing.

Measuring Tasks

Larger areas can be measured, inspected or analysed by utilizing mobile robots that carry the necessary sensors. Since their routes are defined purely virtually in software and can be adapted at any time, they are ideally suited to automating structured journeys in changing environments.

Together with German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, we have developed a robot for inspecting car parks and bridges in the BetoScan project.

Control of Your Self-Built Robots

Our software solutions are not just limited to our robots, but can easily be extended to any mobile robot that has command velocity as its control interface. In this way, your expertise in mechanical engineering and your insight into special markets and applications merge with Neobotix's decades of AMR experience to create a powerful  solution.

An exceptional example of this are the huge mobile robots from Witte Barskamp.

Research and Development

Both in teaching and in many research and development projects, mobile robots with very special adaptations are required, from simple options to completely new designs. We make sure that our robots are durable and very accessible on the one hand, but at the same time enable our customers to get off to a flying start in their actual work through individual optimizations and preparations.

For example, we were able to support the DLR in the development of the humanoid robot David.