Privacy Policy

The Neobotix GmbH (hereinafter called “Neobotix”) is very happy about your visit on our website and your interest in our products.

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. To help you feel secure when browsing our website we would like to explain what information we collect, process and use during your visit.

Visiting our website

As soon as you visit our website we automatically collect, process and use the following information via our provider:

  • the communication data of the calling computer
  • the web pages that you visit on our website
  • the date and duration of your visit
  • the identification data of your browser and operating system
  • the website from which you are accessing our website

Neobotix does not use analytical tools but we cannot prevent our provider or Google (see below) to collect data and meta data that is sent from your browser. This data may be stored and used on a probably anonymous basis.

To avoid this data aggregation and analysis we recommend the use of appropriate script blockers (e.g. NoScript) and high privacy settings in your browser. You can find more information at the bottom of this page.


When visiting our website, Google may store information on your computer by means of cookies. If you want to prevent your computer being identified and tracked please adjust your browser's settings accordingly. The browser manual or tutorial should contain information on how to do this.

The Neobotix website does not use cookies and will be usable without any limitations in any case.

Google Analytics

The Neobotix website uses Google Analytics to indirectly improve our Google search ranking. This means that information about your visit may be collected and sent to Google where it is then stored and processed.

Neobotix has no control over the privacy policy of Google. If you have questions or doubts about their behaviour or policy please visit Google directly for more information.


You can watch YouTube videos directly from within the Neobotix website. This integration means that while browsing on our website data may automatically be sent to YouTube.

Neobotix has no control over the privacy policy of YouTube. If you have questions or doubts about their behaviour or policy please visit YouTube directly for more information.

Social Media

At the bottom of our homepage you will find some icons of social media sites on which we have accouns. These are no plugins but simple links and will not collect any data while surfing our website. When clicking one of these icons though, you will leave the Neobotix website and enter the site of another service. These services do collect vast amounts of data and try to track your activities.

Neobotix has no control over the privacy policy of these services. If you have questions or doubts about their behaviour or policy please visit Xing, Google+, Facebook and YouTube directly for more information.

Objection and contact information

Naturally you have the right to retract your consent to the processing and use of your personal data at any time with future effect.

Also, if you have any questions concerning data protection or our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

You can find our contact data here. We also support OpenPGP to allow safe e-mail communication.

General information

We would like to point out that any kind of communication over the internet, from browsing websites to sending e-mails, can be unsecure and often is. There is no practical way to perfectly protect your data against access by third parties.

You can find further information and a lot of helpful tools on this topic on and many other websites.

Changes to our privacy policy

Neobotix reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time in order to comply with the applicable requirements. The current version of our privacy policy is available on our website at all times.

Last update: 12 May 2017