Enabling flexible production with progressive automation

Every component of Elite’s cobots is a result of independent R&D efforts, such as underlying operating
system, the embedded hard- and software, the process package, the top-of-the-line computing power, and even the joint module technology.

The EC series has garnered a good reputation in the industry thanks to its stable operation, smooth drag, flawless functionality, and high cost-performance ratio. Furthermore, leading collaborative robot projects have already integrated the EC series in multiple
industries, including auto parts, 3C electronics, metal processing, home appliances and electric power.
Elite’s cobots have several competitive advantages: For example a simulation to ensure product stability and low self-weight-to-load ratio.  Elite also has a world-class pre-sales and after-sales team with rich experience in robot usage and a deep understanding of the application scene.

Elite is currently selling three models of the EC series with different payload capacities (3 kg / 6 kg / 12 kg). With the E66 and the E612 model Neobotix offers two of this models here on the website.

Six-Axis collaborative cobot with infinite motion possiblilities.

They can work side by side with humans without a safety fence, possess a high level of reliability and safety.

Collaborative robots that weigh less and offer much.

Maximum straight line speed up to 2.8 m/s , high working productivity, smooth trajectory e consistent action.

ROS Programmable:
All collaborative Elite robots have a ROS package which includes drivers and a 3D model of the cobot.


The Elite Arm EC66 is easy to integrate into a workstation as its light weight and versatility make it ideal for medium duty applications.
In addition, the EC66 can be a very good choice for a detachable workstation.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us here.


The EC612 is the most powerful Elite Robots arm. It can lift up to 12 kg without losing accuracy. Precision as well as range have been most important for the development of this arm. The range is 1304 mm which makes the robotarm best suitable for a greater distance between work areas. The Elite Arm EC612 can be used individually for any kind of work.

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Technical data

Robot armNet Weight17,5 kg33.5 kg
Max. Payload6kg12 kg
Working Radius914 mm1304 mm
Maximum Speed2.8 m/s3.2 m/s
Power Consumption250 W
(normal working conditions)
500 W
(normal working conditions)
Number of Axis66
Range of Motion(Axis 1)±360°±360°
Range of Motion(Axis 2)±360°±168°
Range of Motion(Axis 3)±165°±360°
Range of Motion(Axis 4)±360°±360
Range of Motion(Axis 5)±360°±360
Range of Motion(Axis 6)±360°±360
Tool Side IO2 x DI, 2 x DO, 1 x 24V, 1 x AI, 1 x AO, 1 x RS485
Robot Arm Power Supply48 V
Length of the Cable5.5 m
Installation MethodAny Angle
CertificationCE UL CR KCs RoHS
Repeatability Precision+/-0.03 mm
Body MaterialAluminum
Operating Temperature0 ℃ to 50 ℃
Working Environment Humidity5 %~95 % (no condensation)
IP Protection ClassIP54
Communication Interface16 x DI, 20 x DO, 2 x AI, 4 x AO.Ethernet TCP/IP, UDP, ModbusTCP. RS485/RS232,
ModbusRTU. Profinet (Slave),Ethernet IP (Slave)(Optional),CCLink (Slave)(Optional)
ControllerController Cabinet SizeERB1K6-220/110: 478*380*120 mm
ERB1K0-48/24: 478*380*120 mm
ERB2E1K6-220/110: 505*448*245 mm
ERB2E1K0-48/24: 505*448*245 mm
ERB3K2-220/110: 478*380*138 mm
ERB2K0-48/24: 478*380*138 mm
ERB2E2K0-220/110: 505*448*245 mm
ERB2E2K0-48/24: 505*448*245 mm
IP Protection ClassERB1K6-220/110, ERB1K0-48/24: IP20
ERB2E1K6-220/110, ERB2E1K0-48/24: IP44
ERB3K2-220/110, ERB2K0-48/24: IP20
ERB2E2K0-220/110, ERB2E2K0-48/24: IP44
Control Cabinet Weight15 kg17 kg
Control Cabinet Power Supply220/110 VAC (M:19-72 VDC)
Teach PendantWorking Temperature0 ℃ to 50 ℃
Working Environment Humidity5%~95% (no condensation)
IP Protection ClassIP65
Working Temperature0 ℃ to 50 ℃
Working Environment Humidity5 %~95 %(no condensation)
Net Weight1.8 kg
Resolution1280 * 800
Size290 x 225 x 118 mm
Length of the Cable5.5 m