The PlatformPilot is Neobotix's next generation robot control software, based on our ten years of experience with Neobotix PlatformCtrl.

The licence fees are discounted when using Neobotix mobile robots to automate your application.

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For several years now, ROS has been the integral core component of all our products. ROS 2 is the next leap for the ROS-Community.

ROS 2 can be an alternative that is free of charge if you do not want to use PlatformPilot on your mobile robot from Neobotix.

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The open source Robot Operating System ROS has been an important part of all our products for many years. It will soon be replaced by ROS 2.

All Neobotix packages for ROS are still available.

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Which AMR Control Software to Use?

When is PlatformPilot ideal?

  • If the robot is to work productively in the long term, especially if the application is to be expanded in the future.

  • When proven functions and components are to be combined to form a new whole.

  • When reliability and professional support are paramount.

  • When not every detail needs to be accessible and modifiable.

When to choose ROS 2?

  • If a unique robot (proof of concept, test, demo, ...) is to be developed that is not meant to be used productively or duplicated.

  • If many completely new functions are to be developed in-house or completely new components are to be integrated.

  • When the project is primarily about developing and learning.

  • When availability, ease of operation and efficiency are less relevant.