ROS 2-Advanced Package

Our package is designed to cater to both novices and advanced users, providing comprehensive assistance to attain your ROS 2 learning and development objectives.

The ROS 2-Advanced Package provides a monthly subscription option that can be activated or paused as per your needs. However, please note that there is a minimum subscription duration of two months for mobile robots and mobile manipulators before you can pause the service. In addition to the ROS 2-Basic package, the Advanced package includes:

  • An intensive, full-day training course on your mobile robot, with further option to extend it a day for mobile manipulators if necessary, either in Heilbronn or online.

  • Comprehensive 3rd level support from experts and developers for your robot (usually up to 12 hours).

  • Assistance with implementing your individual application, although separate development services are offered for application-related programming.

  • Support for transitioning to newer ROS 2 or Ubuntu releases.

  • Various helpful test scripts to facilitate setup and debugging.

  • A customized simulation environment of your robot, allowing for application development prior to delivery.

  • Free access to the ROS Developer Studio.

Our comprehensive learning and development solution is designed to provide the necessary support for learning ROS 2 and developing ROS 2 applications using Neobotix robots. The package covers everything from supporting parameter tuning to learning about the various algorithms used in the Nav2 stack. Additionally, we offer assistance in learning the basics of Ubuntu, which provides the fundamental knowledge required to work effectively with ROS 2 and Neobotix robots.

ROS Developers Studio

The ROS Developer Studio is the ideal starting platform for beginners in ROS, for whom it offers a very comfortable and accessible learning and simulation environment. All that requires is a computer with internet access, and the complete ROS environment, including the simulated robot, runs entirely in the cloud.

For advanced users, the ROS Developer Studio offers interesting in-depth courses to expand personal knowledge and always stay up to date with the latest technology.

Professionals can quickly and easily test different robots and configurations, saving time and resources.