Exceptional Applications Require Exceptional Robots

In many cases, from research projects to special industrial systems, standard robots have to be individually adapted or redesigned from scratch. This is exactly the strength of Neobotix.

Due to our roots in the Fraunhofer IPA, we have always dealt with mobile robots for extraordinary applications. What is a unique challenge for others is our daily bread.

Because our autonomous robots are based on a flexible modular system, even extensive modifications are no problem. Of course, all components can be used seamlessly under ROS 2. This saves you valuable development time and you can always use the latest algorithms.

From a little different to absolutely unique

To ensure that an autonomous robot ultimately meets your very personal expectations, we offer you a full range of customization services:

  • Various options for the standard program of our mobile robots and manipulators
  • Cosmetic adjustments, from the colour of your choice to the full designer cladding
  • Integration of components outside our standard program
  • Modification of standard robots: dimensions, attachments, connections, ...
  • Implementation of new functions for robot control
  • Development and construction of completely new robots for very special applications

We have already built robots for automotive manufacturing, news studios and space travel and can certainly help you with your application.

Just contact us! We look forward to your ideas.