Why electrical grippers instead of pneumatic grippers?

  • 80 % Energy saving
  • 50 % Decrease failure rate
  • 30 % Reduce cost
  • < 50 dB Reduce operating noise
  • 5~10 times Improved product life
  • 15 % Increase productivity
  • 100 % Improve man-machine ratio

DH Gripper

The DH series is a linkage-type adaptive electric gripper which is independently developed by DH-Robotics. With Plug& Play software many and exquisite structural design, DH series is a perfect solution to be applied with collaborative robots to grip work-pieces with different shapes in different industries.

Envelope Adaptive Gripping

The gripper linkage mechanism supports envelope adaptive grasping, which is more stable to grip round, spherical or special-shaped objects.

Plug & Play

It supports plug & play with most collaborative robot brands on the market which makes it easier to control and program.

Long Stroke

The biggest stroke of the DH series is up to 145 mm. One gripper can meet the grasping needs of objects of different sizes with good compatibility.

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CGI Gripper

The CGI series three-finger electric gripper independently developed by DH-Robotics is a great soultion to grip cylindrical workpiece. The CGI series is available in a variety of models for a variety of scenarios, stroke and end devices.

High performance

Realize high-precision centering and grasping, the process structure meets the requirements of high rigidity and the energy density exceeds that of similar products.

Long Lifetime

Continuous and stable work above 10 millions cycles without maintenance.

Overload Protection

The high-performance servo motor can provide instantaneous overload protection.

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Technical data

Three-finger gripper
Gripper type  DH-3    CGI-100-170  
Gripping force10-65 N30-100 N
Stroke122 mm-
Workpiece weight1,8 kg1,5 kg
Opening/clamping time0,7 s / 0,7 s0,5 s / 0,5 s
Repeat accuracy±0,03 mm±0,03 mm
Noise level<50 dB<50 dB
Weight1,68 kg1,5 kg
Operating voltage24V DC24V DC
Nominal power consumption0,5 A0,4 A
Max. power consumption1,0 A1,0 A
Protection classIP 40IP 40