Financing Options for Your Neobotix Robot

Autonomous mobile robots and especially mobile manipulators are highly complex and powerful systems that offer massive advantages and great automation potential. On the other hand, they are not cheap and require a larger initial investment, depending on the model and level of expansion. To reduce this hurdle and make mobile robots accessible to more customers, we offer various financing models in cooperation with reliable partners such as

  • Leasing
  • Rental as a Service
  • Pay per Use

Regardless of which financing is chosen, instead of payment on delivery or acceptance, these models incur small monthly instalments that are based on the work effectively performed by the robot, its age or other factors. What happens after the end of the financing period can be agreed in advance or, in some cases, decided later. Depending on the model, the mobile robot is then paid off and the property of the customer, can be taken over for a small final sum, or is taken back by us and used further.

The biggest advantages of all types of financing are good planning and a low budget burden. We are also happy to combine your financing solution with a service and maintenance package to ensure smooth and productive operation for many years.

Please contact us, we are sure to find an interesting solution.