ROS 2-Basic

Easily begin using Neobotix robots with the standard package that comes included with your purchase, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free experience. This package contains:

  • Half-day basic training on your robot and the ROS 2 packages, either in Heilbronn or online
  • 3 months of in-depth 2nd level support by specialists for all questions concerning your robot
  • All public Neobotix ROS 2 basic packages including documentation and source code
  • Access to non-public Neobotix ROS 2 packages including documentation and source code
  • Simultaneous visualization and control of multiple robots in RViz

Our package is designed with you in mind! Whether you are already familiar with ROS 2 and want to dive deeper into our robot's configuration, or if you are a computer-savvy individual eager to learn ROS 2 through hands-on experimentation, we have got you covered. With our package you can easily learn the basics of making the robot move and start your exploration journey hassle-free.