Announcement: Transitioning from ROS - Noetic to ROS 2 - Embracing the Future


As many of you may already know, ROS - Noetic is nearing its End-of-Life, scheduled for May 2025. Despite certain communication issues with the Robotics Middleware (RMW), we firmly believe that ROS 2 – Humble and Iron distributions are significantly more stable and feature-rich compared to ROS. With ROS 2 – Jazzy on the horizon along with Zenoh being the new RMW, we are confident that ROS 2 is the way going forward. 

Therefore, we have decided to completely stop all support for ROS and strongly encourage our community to transition to ROS 2. Please note that we have already converted all packages to ROS 2 a few years ago. 

If you need help converting your Neobotix robots to ROS 2, please feel free to contact us.

Your Neobotix Team