List of Neobotix Hardware Versions


  • First ROX prototype
  • Trike-Configuration, uses first prototypes of RelayBoard V3 and TwitterBoard, already contains Flexi Soft and nanoScan3, without outer cover and without automatic charging function
  • Brought into operation in January 2023

Background: Hawaiian greeting with very positive, peaceful and harmonious aspects.



  • First iteration of the ROX series, already close-to-production
  • Argo-Configuration, tests of outer cover and automatic charging
  • Built in July / August 2023
  • Delivered to launch customer in March 2024, presented at several trade fairs

Background:  Mary Adela Blagg was an English astronomer who played a leading role in structuring and cataloguing lunar formations and was one of the first women to be admitted to the Royal Astronomical Society.


  • Second iteration of the ROX series, ready for serial production
  • Several improvements to all drive configurations: improved protection against dust and dirt, new positions of the operating elements, inductive charging fully integrated
  • To be built in 2024
  • Available from Q2 / 2024

Background:  Caroline Herschel  was a German astonomer, living mostly in England. She discovered several comets, nebulars, and other astronomical objects, and made significant contributions to the science of astronomy. She was also the first woman in England to receive a salary for her scientific work.