Autonomous transport systems

Transport system MT-400
Transport system MT-400
Transport system MT-500
Transport system MT-500

The transport robots MT-400 and MT-500 are based on the mobile robots MP-400 and MP-500. The big difference to traditional automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) is that transport robots can react dynamically to unexpected changes of their surrounding.

Both robots are equipped with 2D laser scanners that permanently detect landmarks and obstacles around the robots. This detailed information allows the robots to move around without any fixed path markings or other installations. It also enables them to safely operate between humans and other moving obstacles, where most other AGVs can no longer run.

Their flexibility and capability to autonomously handle unpredicted obstacles makes our transport robots perfectly suited for dynamic transportation tasks with frequent changes. They can complement stationary transport systems, like roller or belt conveyors, and take parts to machines or workplaces that for some reasons are not connected to the main conveyors.

Possible applications are:

  • Taking samples to and from testing machines

  • Taking parts to manual workplaces in small batch production

  • Transport in direct interaction with humans

  • Dynamic picking of parts for later assembly

In each application our transport robots offer important advantages over traditional solutions:

  • Minimial effort for installation and programming

  • New applications beyond the capabilities of other transport systems

  • Improved quality and less errors even in cases of dynamic or random assignments

All these features make our transport robots MT-400 and MT-500 the next step in intralogistics.

The MT-500 can, for example, be used to connect several separated workplaces or machines in a factory.