The autonomous mobile robot is the core of the transport robot system. The basic vehicle can be adapted exactly to your requirements with various optional components.

As control software, the Robot Operating System is used, which offers advanced algorithms for mapping, localization and path planning and can be freely extended and modified.

What you get from Neobotix

Autonomous Transport Robots

Autonomous transport robots are amazingly complex systems whose components you can obtain from Neobotix, among others:


[Translate to Englisch:] Lastaufnahmemittel

[Translate to Englisch:]

Das Lastaufnahmemittel ermöglicht es dem Transportroboter, Ladung nicht nur sicher zu transportieren, sondern sie auch vollautomatisch an die Übergabestationen abzugeben oder dort aufzunehmen.

Dank ihres Baukastensystems können Lastaufnahmemittel von Neobotix nahezu beliebig an Ihr individuelles Transportgut angepasst werden.

Stationary conveyor technology

Suitable transfer stations are required so that the robots can pick up and deliver their loads fully automatically. On the one hand, they transfer the load with the robot, and on the other, they are permanently connected to your machines.

Stationary load transfer stations are individually adapted by Neobotix.

You also need

Connection to PPS systems

In most cases, transport robots can only achieve their maximum efficiency if they are connected to the respective production planning system. However, these systems are usually highly individualized and require precise knowledge of the software used and the underlying processes.

Please contact your system house regarding the connection.

Fleet Manager

The more robots move in the same workspace, the more important it is to use an efficient and reliable fleet manager. This software module manages incoming orders, distributes them among the available robots and ideally also takes care of traffic planning.

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of fleet managers and help you make the right choice.