Transport robot MT-500

Transport robot MT-500
Transport robot MT-500
Transport robot MT-500, view A
Transport robot MT-500, view B
Transport robot MT-500, CAD view
Transport robot MT-500, dimensions

The transport robot MT-500 is based on the MP-500 but integrates application specific extensions for handling different loads. The cargo area can be fully customised according to the goods that are to be transported. For fully autonomous operation an active load handling device can also be integrated into the robot. Such a system enables the MT-500 to automatically receive and deliver boxes, crates and other suitable loads.

Other optional modules allow the transport robot to be optimised for almost any given application:

  • An LED signal column provides clearly visible feedback for the operator and other workers.

  • If required a warning light or buzzer can be installed to warn co-worker before the robots starts operating.

  • Additional systems allow the carried goods to be cooled or heated.

  • RFID readers or barcode scanners can be used to identify parts and to avoid mistakes.

Like all our robots the MT-500 operates withoutfixed floor marking or other installations and can safely find its way even between humans.

Payload:  80kg
Dimensions:  814 x 592 x 361 (LxWxH, in mm)
Speed:  <1,5m/s

  up to 10h
  up to 8km

Sensors:  1 x 2D laser scanner
  5 x ultrasonic sensors
Control via:  External PC (WLAN)
  On-board computer (keypad, LCD)

Several interesting options are available as well.