On this page you will find an overview of our optional components. Please contact us for further information.




Additional ultrasonic board for 16 ultrasonic sensors and 4 analogue sensors

  • Handles up to 16 Bosch USS4/URF6/URF7 ultrasonic sensors
  • 4 analogue inputs, voltage range 0 - 5V
  • Wide supply voltage range: 9 - 60VDC
  • Communication interfaces: RS-232, CAN-Bus
  • Graphical configuration interface (Java)
  • Optional ROS interface

The operating manual is available in our download area.

Customers in the U.S. who want to buy the USBoard separately please contact AutonomouStuff, our local distributor.



Additional input/output microcontroller board for control and measurement applications

  • 16 opto-isolated inputs
  • 12 opto-isolated outputs
  • 4 relays, max. current 2A
  • 4 analogue inputs, voltage range 0 - 5V
  • Communication interfaces: RS-232, CAN-Bus
  • Wide supply voltage range: 8 - 60VDC, 5VDC optional

The operating manual is available in our download area.





Application specific sensor equipment

  • Up to 16 ultrasonic sensors
  • High accuracy localisation by laser measurement
  • Monitoring of the workspace
  • 360°-scan for optimised navigation
  • Presence check for parts and load
  • Virtually any sensor can be integrated



Navigation system

Navigation system

High accuracy localisation and navigation systems




Automatic charging station

Allows the robot to automatically recharge

With this robust charging station the mobile robot can autonomously recharge its batteries. Once the station has been installed, no user interaction is necessary any more.

Recharging can be initiated either on command, when reaching a critical charge or upon a programmed schedule. It can be stopped on command, after a fixed time or when reaching full charge.
In case there are breaks of unknown duration between two jobs, the robot can spent this time at the charging station and so will always be ready for duty.

Of course there is no danger for persons, neither by the station itself nor by the platform's contacts.

manual control unit

Manual control unit

Portable controller for easy teaching of manipulator arms

  • Optional use, e.g. with the MM-800
  • Allows user to safely enter the work space
  • Emergency stop button and dead-man-switches
  • Key switch prevents unauthorized use
  • 3D-joystick for direct control
  • Touchscreen and physical hotkeys
  • Access to all important functions of ArmCtrl
  • Fatigue-free operation for both right and left handed users

safety controller

Safety controller

Programmable safety controller for complex systems

  • State-of-the-art from Sick
  • Complex safety functions can be implemented
  • Programmable and extendable
  • Supports all common safety features
  • Interaction with PlatformCtrl and ArmCtrl possible
remote emergency stop

Remote emergency stop system

Remote control for additional safety

  • Safe stop of the robot from a distance
  • Convenient reset via remote control
  • Operation from outside the robot's workspace
  • Fully safety approved
  • Additional commands via remote control possible


Customised design

Individual colouring, material and design

  • Several possible colours of the aluminium plates
  • Different materials and colours for the covers
  • Completely new design for unique applications
  • Developed by professional designers
  • Years of experience with customised robots