Mobile robot MP-500

Mobile robot MP-500
Mobile robot MP-500

Mobile robot MP-500, view A
Mobile robot MP-500, view B
Mobile robot MP-500, CAD view
Mobile robot MP-500, dimensions

The main advantage of the mobile robot MP-500 are its big drive wheels. In combination with the rugged fibreglass hull the MP-500 is the Neobotix robot that is best suited for dirty or uneven floors.

Its sensors and internal components are the same as in the smaller MP-400 or the omnidirectional robots. Thanks to ROS the MP-500 can reliably find its way around the workspace even in unstructured environments. Making modifications that tailor the MP-500 to unique requirements is also very easy and open to everybody.

Payload:  80 kg
Dimensions:  814 x 592 x 361 (LxWxH, in mm)
Speed:  <1.5 m/s

  up to 10 h or up to 8 km

Sensors:  1 x 2D laser scanner
  5 x ultrasonic sensors (optional)
Control via:  External PC (WLAN)
  On-board computer

Several interesting options are available as well.

Using the mobile robot MP-500 for research

Due to its rugged design and the large number of functions and features have made the mobile robot MP-500 very popular in robotics research. It is mainly used in projects searching for new solution in production automation. Two important topics in this field are cooperating robots and mobile manipulators.

The MP-500 can also used in completely new fields of research. In th BetoScan project for example the mobile robot works as autonomous sensor carrier. The joint research project ImRoNet used the MP-500 as telepresence robot and a research institute in Germany uses the mobile robot for developing new fuel cells.

This makes the MP-500 one of the most versatile mobile robot available on the market.


Of course our mobile robots are tested under the hardest possible conditions.