Mobile robot MP-400

Mobile robot MP-400
Mobile robot MP-400

Mobile robot MP-400, automatic charging
Mobile robot MP-400, options
Mobile robot MP-400, CAD views
Mobile robot MP-400, dimensions

The mobile robot MP-400 was designed for daily use in industrial applications. Its construction is based on the best elements of our well proven robots but also includes many innovative ideas.

The MP-400's primary task is the flexible material transport in intralogistics. This small, agile robot can cover connections that cannot be realised with stationary conveyors or traditional AGVs.

If required, the MP-400 can also easily be used in more demanding applications. Other possible tasks include mobile manipulation with an integrated robot arm or the whole field of service robotics research.

Payload:  Default 100 kg, high payload 150 kg
Dimensions:  590 x 559 x 411 (LxWxH, in mm)
Speed:  <1.5 m/s

  up to 10h or
  up to 8km

Sensors:  1 x 2D laser scanner
  6 x ultrasonic sensors (optional)
Control via:  External PC (WLAN)
  On-board computer

Several interesting options are available as well.

Proven performance and new ideas

  • Low price: The MP-400 has more new functions than any other robot so far. However, its smart design also results in the lowest price of all Neobotix robots.

  • Splash water proof: The cover is made from glass fibre reinforced plastics and can be removed within seconds while still providing reliable splash water protection.

  • Symmetric design: With its central differential drive, symmetric design and compact size the MP-400 can pass through the smallest gaps and move easily in narrow environments.

  • Battery quick change system: When using the optional quick change system the robot's batteries can be replaced in less than a minute.

  • Automatic charging station: The new charging station enables the MP-400 to recharge autonomously.

  • Load handling device: The optional roller conveyor enables the robot to automatically pick up boxes or other goods.

  • Reliable design: The MP-400's drive system is the next version of the drives that are still running every day in the Museum of Communication since April 2000.

  • High reliability: The MP-400 uses the same high-class components as all other Neobotix robots, providing reliable operation day after day.

  • Easy maintenance: The cover can be removed without any tools and provides direct access to all internal components. The robot's modular design ensures easy modifications and shortest maintenance times.


The MT-400 is the perfect basis for an autonomous transport system.