Mecanum robot MPO-500

Mecanum robot MPO-500
Mecanum robot MPO-500

Mecanum robot MPO-500, view A
Mecanum robot MPO-500, view B
Mecanum robot MPO-500, CAD view
Mecanum robot MPO-500, dimensions

The mobile robot MPO-500 features four Mecanum wheels which provide an extraordinary manoeuvrability. Each Mecanum wheel has several independent rollers mounted along its circumference. The axles of the rollers are rotated at 45° to the wheel's main axle. This design enables the robot to instantly move into any direction: the Mecanum wheels make it truly omnidirectional.

This kinematics offers a number of interesting advantages over other systems like Omni-wheels or the Omni-Drive-Modules of the MPO-700:

  • Mecanum wheels have proven themselves worldwide since 1973,
  • they require only a very simple and robust drive system,
  • they allow instantaneous motion without alignment and
  • the required control software is very simple.

These extraordinary features have made Mecanum wheels a very popular solution especially in robotics research.

Payload:  Default 50 kg, high payload 150 kg
Dimensions:  986 x 662 x 409 (LxWxH, in mm)
Speed:  <0.8 m/s

  up to 7 h or up to 3 km

Sensors:  1 or 2 x 2D laser scanner
  8 x ultrasonic sensors (optional)
Control via:  External PC (WLAN)
  On-board computer

Several interesting options are available as well.

Visit the ROS Development Studio for online tests of the MPO-500 with ROS!

Servic robots with Mecanum wheels

Omnidirectional movements are extremely helpful in applications that require to frequently change the pose robot arms or special sensors. Especially service robots like the Care-O-bot 3 or the DESIRE platform depend on simple and omnidirectional movement.

Mecanum robots like the MPO-500 are perfectly suited for these applications, since they enable the robot to always move easily into the position that is best for the current task. Like humans, the MPO-500 does not need difficult manoeuvres to reach its destination. This does not only safe precious time but also increases efficiency and success rate significantly.

Industrial applications for robots with Mecanum wheels

The MPO-500's Mecanum wheels offer important advantages for autonomous transport systems in industrial environments. Its ability to move perpendicular to its main orientation enables the MPO-500 to reach destinations that are difficult to access and to drive through narrow environments. The Mecanum wheels also safe valuable time by eliminating tricky manoeuvres.

Another advantage is the possibility to freely turn the robot while driving and thereby changing the orientation of the payload before reaching the destination. Now handling systems for aligning parts can be omitted.

The Mecanum robot MPO-500 provides fast and efficient transport even in difficult environments.

This video shows the manoeuvrability of the Mecanum robot MPO-500.