Neobotix GmbH Unveils Bold Rebranding Strategy to Achieve Greater Heights

Heilbronn, Germany - 24.04.2023

Neobotix GmbH, is proud to announce our rebranding, signifying a pivotal moment in our company's history and the commencement of a new journey towards achieving our ambitious vision.

As pioneers in the field with a strong passion and unwavering conviction for providing cutting-edge mobile robotics solutions, we are more determined than ever to drive innovation and deliver unmatched mobility for your application. This rebranding represents our commitment to growth, excellence, and exceptional customer service, as we continue to evolve and expand our services to reach new markets and industries. We are confident that our new brand will help us achieve even greater success and make a significant impact in the mobile robotics industry.

Our CTO Florian Vohr, one of the founders, stated, "Our roots at Fraunhofer IPA and its support in the early days have greatly influenced both our company and the direction we have taken. These experiences among researchers and enthusiasts laid the foundation for much of our success in the past two decades. However, to continue growing beyond the start-up phase, we recognized the need for a rebranding. In our early days, mobile robotics was still somewhere between science fiction and prototyping. Today, it is a vibrant, growing and, above all, professional segment of automation."

Our new logo is a modern representation of our brand identity. The design features a bold, modern font that conveys strength and confidence, along with the colours blue and orange that were carefully selected to convey professionalism and energy, giving our logo a fresh and vibrant look. The icon at the end of the logo is a stylized 'X', which symbolizes two key components of our company's mission: the lambda, which represents the problems our beloved customers face, and the orange part, which represents our flexible solutions to those problems. Together, they form a complete mobile robotics solution for you. Our catchphrase 'Thinking Forward' encapsulates our long-standing commitment to delivering customizable, extensible, and modular solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers, both in terms of hardware and software. By designing our products with flexibility and scalability in mind, we aim to deliver systems that offer a seamless and hassle-free experience not just now, but in the long run as well.

About Neobotix GmbH:

Neobotix is a world-famous manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems. We offer robots and manipulators for all applications with full ROS / ROS 2 support. To know more about our robots and components, please visit our product page. If you'd like to know more about the history, please visit here.