USBoardUSS5 and USBoardUSS5-IP

New products


As already mentioned in one of our news entries a few weeks ago, our latest USBoards are now available for purchase. Today we present our new products in more detail:

The lastest USBoard generation connects 16 ultrasonic sensors Bosch USS5 to CAN bus and USB. The USBoardUSS5 was designed for use in mobile robots and similar machines like wheeled drones or AGVs. It is meant for obstacle detection and collision avoidance.The USBoardUSS5 can also be used in stationary machines or equipment to provide distance measurement data.The USBoardUSS5 was developed to provide exclusively non-safe data and information.

The rugged solution to read measurement data of 16 ultrasonic sensors Bosch USS5 via CAN or RS-232. The USBoardUSS5-IP is a variant of the Neobotix USBoardUSS5. It was designed for more demanding environmental conditions and mounting outside of a protective cabinet.Most of the basic functionality and properties of the USBoardUSS5-IP are identical to the USBoardUSS5.