ROX – The new Generation

ROX: Next-Gen Mobile Robots for Seamless Automation – Made by Neobotix

The whole Neobotix team is excited to introduce our new product line "ROX" today. More than two decades of experience in robotics have gone into the ROX modular system. It offers a wide range of choices in terms of kinematics, batteries and sensors and is fully configurable in its dimensions. This allows us to design a perfect fit for any application. Omnidirectional drives as well as cost-efficient differential kinematics are available. For different tasks, different arms, roller conveyors, and sensors can be integrated into the ROX platform.

All ROX models are supported by Neobotix PlatformPilot. Its intuitive graphical representation and parameterization of route sections makes every automation task a breeze.

With full ROS 2 support, we give the ROX models access to a huge component library, creating ideal conditions for your research and development project.

Visit our website and expect more interesting facts about ROX in the next posts.

Your Neobotix team