ROS Developers Day 2020

ROS Developers Day 2020 is coming soon...


Neobotix GmbH is very excited to be a part of the 3rd annual ROSDevDay happening on June 27. The ROS developers day is an online event conducted by "The construct", where the attendees get to learn ROS  hands-on.

Ten different people representing the top robotics organizations around the globe will be giving a talk on a ROS package that they developed and how people can use it. About 200 people are expected to be part of this event.

Max Wittal, ROS lead developer at Neobotix, is a key-note speaker at the event and will be talking about the newly created Neo-Docking package. The Neo-Docking package is an open-source package that is initially designed for the autonomous charging of Neobotix mobile robots. Furthermore, Neo-docking package provides the modularity for being used for other applications such as docking to and transporting of trolleys using by robots in hospitals, warehouses and in manufacturing industries.