The Neobotix GmbH

Since more than ten years, we design, develop and manufacture mobile robot systems of all kinds and for customers all over the world.
We always try to improve the field of robotics where the traditional, industry approved robots meet the visions, prototypes and experiments of the high-end research facilities.
This is where we want to convert the researchers enthusiasm for new ideas and concepts into reliable, affordable, yet ground-breaking new products.
This is what drives Neobotix.

Neobotix started originally at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production and Automation in Stuttgart. Since those days we have gone a long way already. And we would be happy if you would like to accompany us!

Important milestones so far

1998 - The Care-O-bot I is built at the Fraunhofer IPA - by later Neobotix colleagues

1999 - Foundation of the GPS GmbH to transfer innovations of the Fraunhofer IPA into saleable products.

2000 - Foundation of the department Robotics within the GPS GmbH. Dipl.-Ing. Till May and two colleagues start the development
            of the first three mobile robots for the Museum for Communication in Berlin.

2001 - Development of the first mobile manipulator rob@work

2006 - First developments of broadcasting products.

2007 - Development of the service robot Care-O-bot 3

2008 - Providing the new N24 news studio in Berlin with eight camera robots and associated software.

2009 - Our mobile manipulator MM-800 is voted finalist of the Strategic Manufacturing Awards.

2010 - The MM-800 is successfully used in a factory of the Audi AG.
            The Neobotix GmbH is founded on 29. October.

2011 - In June we moved to Heilbronn.

2015 - New colleagues join Neobotix to handle the increasing number of industrial projects.

2019 -Relocation to a larger building in the industrial area böckingen, Heilbronn.