Mobile manipulators are extraordinarily complex systems whose components must be precisely matched to each other:


What you get from Neobotix

Mobile Robots

The autonomous mobile robot is the basis of the mobile manipulator. The standard vehicle can be adapted exactly to your requirements with various optional components.

As control software, the Robot Operating System is used, which offers advanced algorithms for mapping, localization and path planning and can be freely extended and modified.

Manipulator Arm

The manipulator arm should be selected appropriately for each application. Load capacity, range, safety functions, control and much more must be taken into account. A connection to ROS is recommended in any case.

We will be happy to integrate the appropriate robot arm for you and advise you on the selection.

You also need

Connection to PPS systems

In most cases, mobile manipulators can only achieve their maximum efficiency if they are connected to the respective production planning system. However, these systems are usually highly individualized and require precise knowledge of the software used and the underlying processes.

Please contact your system house regarding the connection.

Fleet Manager

The more robots move in the same workspace, the more important it is to use an efficient and reliable fleet manager. This software module manages incoming orders, distributes them among the available robots and ideally also takes care of traffic planning.

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of fleet managers and help you make the right choice.

Image Processing

For mobile packaging to function at all, an image processing module is almost always required. Only in this way can the position of the robot be determined accurately enough, parts can be detected and arm movements correctly adapted.

Please contact an engineering office with the appropriate expertise on the subject of image processing.

Grippers and Tools

The end effector must be selected for each application and often even redesigned. In doing so, a number of often contradictory requirements and framework conditions have to be weighed against each other.

We are happy to integrate grippers selected by you, for everything else you should consult external experts.

Security Technology

Due to the impressive capabilities and flexibility of a mobile manipulator, it is often extremely difficult to develop a waterproof security concept. In many cases, efficient operation and overall security are mutually exclusive.

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of security and integrate the appropriate components. However, the final acceptance and responsibility always lies with the operator.