Immediately available

We usually have different types of our mobile robots ready for tests and presentations. These robots as well as some other components are also available for sale with some discount.

Especially customers in research and education who have to care more about costs and delivery time than meeting the unique specifications of a single project may find this offer helpful.

Just get in touch with us. Maybe we can even offer you a robot that is not currently in this list.

All products are tested and fully functional - All prices are without VAT

Schunk PRL modules

Schunk PRL modules

These servo motors (manufactured in 2010) from a Schunk LWA3 light weight robot arm can be used as individual axes or to built a customised robot arm.

Available: 2 x PRL 120 (part no. 0306925) - 2.400,- €
                   1 x PRL 100 (part no. 0306920) - 2.200,- €
                   2 x PRL 80 (part no. 0306915) - 2.000,- €
                   1 x PRL 60 (part no. 0306910) - 1.800,- €

Condition: ~100 h of operation, hardly any traces of use

Schunk LWA3 connectors

Schunk LWA3 connectors

These connectors can be used to assemble an LWA3 light weight robot arm from Schunk PRL servo modules.

Available: LWA3 base for PRL 120 (part no. 5519934)
                   LWA3 connector PRL 120-120 (part no. 5517276)
                   LWA3 connector PRL 100-120 (part no. 5519925)
                   LWA3 connector PRL 100-100 (part no. 5517278)
                   LWA3 connector PRL 80-100 (part no. 5517279)
                   LWA3 connector PRL 80-80 (part no. 5517280)
                   LWA3 connector PRL 60-80 (part no. 5517281)

Condition: minor traces of use

Special offer: 200 € each

Schunk LWA3 end effector flange

Schunk LWA3 end effector flange

With this LWA3 end effector flange different grippers or tools can be mounted to an LWA3 robot arm quickly and easily.

Includes: LWA3 end effector flange
                  Quick change adaptor

Condition: hardly any traces of use

Special offer: 200 €