Our partners


The Fraunhofer Institute for Production and Automation in Stuttgart is one of the leading research institutes in the field of automation and robotics in Germany.
We cooperate closely with the Fraunhofer IPA and have already completed many very successful research projects together.
If you need support in fundamental research or feasibility studies, we have a strong partner in the IPA.



Heilbronn University is very active in robotics. The study course Robotics and Automation and its two engineering faculties make the university a very good partner for further development of mobile robotics.
You can find interesting videos about research and studying on the department's YouTube channel.





The GPS GmbH is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer IPA and has supported us for more than ten years.
The GPS GmbH is still very active in robotics and automation research. The GPS provides project management and organisation services especially for research projects dealing with service robotics and other innovative concepts for automation.



Schunk, Germany's leading manufacturer for gripping systems and modular robotics, is using Neobotix mobile robots since several years.
This successful cooperation not only allows us to produce mobile manipulators with seamlessly integrated robot arms but also to provide control systems for other customised arms.
And of course every Schunk gripper can be mounted to the Neobotix products.



Bionic Robotics developed a unique bionic robot arm which is extremely light and also offers a certain elasticity.
This arm can safely cooperate with human workers while still providing high positioning accuracy and repeatability.
The BioRob arm is especially suited for integration into a mobile robot like the MP-500.



Vogt+Nieke Composites is our reliable supplier of all laminated parts. The hulls for both the mobile robot MP-500 and the Mecanum robot MPO-500 are manufactured by Vogt+Nieke.


Kotzur Mechanische Fertigung is one of our most reliable suppliers of mechanical parts. Most of our mobile robots contain parts from this manufacturer in their drive systems.