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Neobotix is manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems. We provide robots and manipulators for a wide range of applications.

Omnidirectional robot MPO-700

Transport robots:
With the transport robot MT-400 Neobotix offers a highly flexible solution for intralogistics and material transfer. A very small investment for the initial installation, easy handling and the possibility to change work settings with only a few mouse clicks will reduce your costs in almost any transport application.
Our mobile robots can be fully customised.

Robots for research:
Our products range from the small mobile robot to the mobile robot arm for heavy loads and the omni-directional robot. We have specialised in designing customised robots to meet your automation requirements.
The Neobotix software can both be used for the development of your own control systems and for the work with other architectures.

Robots for entertainment and customer information:
Mobile robots from Neobotix are interacting with visitors in public since the year 2000. In the Museum of Communication in Berlin we set up the world record of approx. 22,000 kilometres driven by mobile robots.

Film and studio automation:
With the broadcasting product line Neobotix sets new standards in film and studio automation. The mobile manipulator MR8 and the software ControlPanel offer all new possibilites for creative planing, trajectory generation and studio robotics.

Material transport in a factory


University of Oxford


MPO-700 for University of Oxford

Today a omnidirectional robot MPO-700 was shipped to the University of Oxford. This robot was heavily customised and features several additional systems ...

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Special offers


Immediately available robots

Due to many requests you can now find a list of all robots and components that are immediately available for sale on our ...

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