New Papers from LAAS
New papers from LAAS

Researchers from the French LAAS, working on a Neobotix MP-L655, have published two interesting new papers.

The MP-L655 is the near indestructable predecessor of the mobile robot MP-700. At the LAAS research institute it is currently used for work on human robot collaboration as well as binaural active localisation.





Test Neobotix robots online in the ROS Development Studio

Several Neobotix robots can now be tested online in the ROS Development Studio. These include the omnidirectional robot MPO-700 and the Mecanum robot MPO-500, both very popular for robotics research.

The ROS Development Studio allows anybody interested in mobile robotics and ROS to run first tests with our robots, fast, easy and free of charge. We will also add other models to the online simulation one after the other.



RT Lions win the Sick robot day 2018

The RT Lions and their omnidirectional robot MMO-700 have won first plate at the Sick robot day 2018.

Their MMO-700 used a Sawyer robot arm from Rethink Robotics to pick balls from a moving transport robot and deliver them to a stationary box. Thirteen teams from three countries came to compete in the robot day.

Congratulations to the RT Lions!


MeetIT 2018 at the HHN

In 2018 Neobotix will for the first time participate at the MeetIT job fair at the Hochschule Heilbronn.

We will bring a whole pack of job announcements with us. At the fair we are looking forward to meeting future colleagues and having interesting discussions about software development, mobile robotics and, of course, the thrill of the first real employment.


MPO-500 in space (or close)

A Mecanum robot MPO-500 is now being used for development and testing in the research labs of the esa.

It may not be the first Neobotix robot in space but it is proudly contributing to the development of new technologies for space crafts.