MPO-500 in space (or close)

A Mecanum robot MPO-500 is now being used for development and testing in the research labs of the esa.

It may not be the first Neobotix robot in space but it is proudly contributing to the development of new technologies for space crafts.





TIREBOT - MPO-500 moves car tires

A Mecanum robot MPO-500 was transformed into the TIREBOT as part of an Echord++ experiment. The robot was designed to move car tires between different machines in tire workshops.

A fascinating YouTube video shows the robot handling car wheels and interacting with human operators.


New features in 2017
New in 2017

In 2017 we will introduce many new features of PlatformCtrl, making our mobile robots much easier to use:

  • With the OPC UA interface connecting any mobile robot to other machinery or ERP systems will be both convenient and powerful.
  • The Taskhandler provides an easy to use option for defining complex tasks and applications right in our graphical user interface. No programming in strange languages any more!
  • With Multi-Robot support you can set up and monitor several robots at once. A central fleet manager distributes tasks and commands to all available robots automatically.
  • SLAM will be added to our toolbox to make mapping and setup faster and easier.




Service robot Marvin tested successfully
Marvin at reports another successful test of the service robot Marvin. Developed at the HS Ravensburg-Weingarten, Marvin is meant to support disabled people in their daily life.

The robot is based on the omnidirectional MPO-700, which provides the manoeuvrability to move around peoples' homes and fetch items or help with simple tasks.





Heavy duty Omni-Drive-Modules
Omni-Drive-Module HD

The Omni-Drive-Modules are now available in a heavy duty version with a payload of 500 kg per unit.

Like the normal version the HD modules come as complete units, requiring only power supply and a CAN connection. Different from the regular version the HD modules feature Safe Torque Off inputs, eliminating the need for big and costly emergency stop relays in most applications. Furthermore no homing procedure is necessary after start-up since the orientation axis comes with absolute positioning.