ASTRI builds a Digital Twin of the MMO-500

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) adopts the Digital and Physical Twins approach in the development of the Collaborative Mobile Manipulator (CMM) based on Neobotix MMO-500.

Digital Simulation is conducted on the Digital Twin of the CMM for System Validation before Physical Execution on its Physical Twin. The Mecanum wheels of the CMM enable the movement in any direction and hence the workspace of the Manipulator is significantly enlarged. In addition, the CMM is equipped with LIDAR sensors, vision systems and an end-effector for conducting autonomous navigation, parking/unparking and pick-and-place in a collaborative human-robot working environment for the support of Smart Factory in the era of Industry 4.0.




5th place at the World Cup - RT-Lions compete against top teams at RoboCup in Australia!

This year, the RT-Lions drove with their robot 'LeonaRT' to the RoboCup World Championships in Sydney, Australia from 02.07. To 09.07.2019. The team around Prof. Matthias Rätsch has specialized in the @Home league, in the everyday tasks, such as clearing the table, give the purchase in cabinets and other human-robot interactions, as well as service tasks must be implemented.

The RT-Lions had qualified with 25 other world-class teams in the RoboCup @ Home League. The technical inspection has passed the team without any problems this time. The team was even so good in STAGE I that they surprisingly secured a place in STAGE II. On the competition days, when the teams had to solve different tasks with their robots, the new, more modular and much more flexible software proved itself. Faster than at the 2017 World Cup in Nagoya (Japan), solutions could be programmed for changing rules books, and the team managed to secure 5th place.

Compared to Nagoya 2017, this represents an improvement of three places and proves what is possible with flexible software, an omnidirectional platform from Neobotix, many supporters and a motivated team.

The team would like to thank the industry partners and the many supporters at the university. Without them, success would not have been possible.




Neobotix has relocated

We have moved to bigger premises within Heilbronn. Beside more space for our developers we now also have improved production facilities as well as spacier and more comfortable rooms for tests and customer training.

You can find our new contact information here. Directions for planning your visit can be found here.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our new home!





RT-Lions participate in RoboCup 2019 with their MMO-700

The RT-Lions from Reutlingen University are participating in the RoboCup 2019 in Sydney with their mobile manipulator MMO-700.

The RT-Lions' omnidirectional robot MMO-700 features a Sawyer robot arm for handling even very complex tasks.


USBoard available from Level Five Supplies

Customers in the United Kingdom can now order the USBoard from Level Five Supplies, our official distributor.

The USBoard reads the distance measurements from up to 16 ultrasonic sensors Bosch USS4 and publishes them via CAN bus. Beside applications in mobile robotics the USBoard is especially interesting for anyone working on autonomous cars. All around the world customers are already using ultrasonic sensors and the USBoard in their autonomous cars.


Pilz uses Neobotix robot for show case

Together with Neobotix the Pilz GmbH & Co. KG has developed a show case combining the new Pilz service robotics modules and a mobile robot MP-400 from Neobotix.

This application demonstrates the use of AGVs with manipulator arm in intralogistics.
"In Neobotix we have found a reliable partner for building our mobile application", says Arndt Christ, Vice President Customer Support at Pilz.

The automation experts at Pilz have recently unveiled their new product range of customisable service robotics modules. The Pilz service robotics modules are at the heart of this new field. With a payload of 6 kg, 24 VDC supply and ROS support the six-axis robot arm from Pilz is perfectly suited for mobile applications.