ArmCtrl is a universal control software for almost any robot arm. It can handle an individually built Schunk light-weight arm as good as a KUKA industrial robot arm.

All functions that are requested for an up-to-date robot arm are included in ArmCtrl:

  • Generic kinematics: ArmCtrl can be individually configured to handle different kinematics. Possible applications start with a single axis and reach up to a 7DOF robot arm with gripper and auxiliary axes.
  • Teach-in: New positions can be programmed in all motion modes, making it easy to work under different conditions. Teach-in is especially convenient when using a 6D-mouse or our manual control unit.
  • Motion control: The real-time operating system used with ArmCtrl guarantees very short and reliable cycle times. Different acceleration types provide smooth or highly dynamic movements.
  • Motion modes: ArmCtrl supports all important motion modes. Single-axis control can be used when teaching new positions. The point-to-point mode can handle even extraordinary kinematics or combinations of arm, gripper and other axes. Cartesian motion is very convenient in programming and for certain manipulations. Separate positions can be combined to complex trajectories.

Sophisticated graphical user interface


All functions of ArmCtrl can be accessed via a modern graphical user interface. The interface is network-compatible and can be used to control the robot arm from any remote computer.

Many useful features are integrated in ArmCtrl:

  • Input choices: ArmCtrl can be used with mouse and keyboard but also conveniently with a touchscreen. A 6D-mouse is very useful for teach-in in Cartesian mode. The manual control unit features an interface that is optimised for working inside the robot's workspace.
  • Teach-in: New positions can be saved at any time. Their coordinates can then be changed manually. Positions within trajectories can be swapped, removed and added later on as well.
  • Testing: All positions and trajectories can be tested separately. ArmCtrl allows to adjust the motion speed steplessly. This increases safety and helps in finding the best cycle time for your application.
  • Programming: ArmCtrl can work with complete programs written in the convenient programming language Python. Almost any application, from a simple tradeshow presentation to a complex process control, can be realised. And interaction with PlatformCtrl is also possible.

The operating manual for ArmCtrl is available in our download area.