Neobotix Roadmap concept

The proven concept of Neobotix Roadmaps makes the transition from previous systems easier. Old lane-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are often inflexible in route selection and lane changes can only be managed with cost-intensive changes in the environment.

In Neobotix PlatformPilot, this process is virtualized. Lane changes can be made with a mouse click in a graphical interface. In addition, properties can be set for each path segment to customize the driving behavior. In this way, speed limits, collision avoidance limits, angles or additional actions can be defined. The travel behavior is thus always predictable and reproducible - essential for reliable cycle times.



The PlatformPilot consists of several control and operating components.

“PlatformPilot Core”

This part forms the core control. It runs on the robot’s embedded pc and has direct connection to sensors, motors and other actuators. The modular architecture makes integration of additional hardware components very easy.

“PlatformPilot GUI”

The graphical user interface combines intuitive setup of positioning, setup of routes and goal positions. Based on GTK it runs on Linux as well as on Microsoft Windows. In addition, it contains a complete simulation module in which a virtual robot can be simulated in the real environment.

“PlatformPilot WebGUI”

Any browser can connect to the integrated webserver. Monitoring of single PlatformPilot instances is possible without special maintenance software or tools on any device that can start a webbrowser.

"PlatformPilot TaskEditor"

The task editor facilitates the creation of more complex tasks from simple commands. This is used to create LUA scripts that can then be executed and control CORE.