Product lines

Neobotix offers a range of mobile robots which can easily be modified to match your application.

  • The 400-line:
    - Small, symmetrical robot
    - Rugged, splash-proof and fast
    - Up to 150kg payload
  • The 500-line:
    - Small but very rugged mechanics, high speed
    - Capable of indoor and outdoor use
    - Omnidirectional Mecanum robot available
    - Up to 150kg payload
  • The 700-line:
    - Low height
    - High battery capacity
    - Easy integration of a manipulator arm
    - Omnidirectional robot available
    - Up to 400kg payload

The advantages of Neobotix robots

Benefit from our experience

In 1998 we started developing and manufacturing mobile robots for customers all over the world. Every
new project is based on this
know-how and experience.

Tailored to meet your demands

You are facing extraordinary tasks and have unique requirements for modifications?
That is our everyday work.

Always state of the art

Neobotix always offers reliable "best practice" hardware. We do the tedious research and development for you and provide up-to-date robots.

Technical support from start to open end

Support from the first idea to the last project after many years is always included when using Neobotix robots.

Full ROS support

All our products support ROS. This gives you maximum flexibility and cutting edge software to get started.

Save time and money

In-house development causes a lot of work and costs valuable resources. Neobotix robots on the other hand are delivered ready-for-use, at the best possible price and in the shortest time.

High quality

Neobotix combines enthusiasm for robotics with years of experience. Carefully chosen components, professional production and in-depth documentation are the foundation for your successful projects.

Focussed work and faster results

Why reinvent the wheel once more? With Neobotix robots you do not need to waste energy on negligibilites. You can focus fully on your own field of work and create real value right from the start.