Omnidirectional robot MPO-700

omnidirectional robot MPO-700
omnidirectional robot MPO-700

omnidirectional robot MPO-700 view A
omnidirectional robot MPO-700 view B
omnidirectional robot MPO-700 CAD view
omnidirectional robot MPO-700-Dimensions
omnidirectional MPO-700 PlatformCtrl
omnidirectional MPO-700 ROS

The omnidirectional MPO-700 is the ideal base for high-end service robots. Its four Omni-Drive-Modules enable it to move extremely smoothly into any direction. This robot is even capable of rotating freely while driving to its destination. The Omni-Drive-Modules of the MPO-700 feature important benefits compared to other omnidirectional drive kinematics, like for example the MPO-500's Mecanum wheels.

  • Fully omnidirectional manoeuvrability
  • Very steady movements
  • High stability and payload
  • Compact, easily integrated drive units

This makes the MPO-700 a premium alternative for applications that require omnidirectional movements without the limitations of traditional kinematics.

Payload:  400 kg
Dimensions:  741 x 509 x 348 (LxWxH, in mm)
Speed:  <0.9 m/s
Sensors:  1 or 2 x 2D laser scanner
  Ultrasonic sensors optional
Control via:  External PC (WLAN)
  On-board computer

Several interesting options are available as well.

Visit the ROS Development Studio for online tests of the MPO-700 with ROS!

MPO-700 in omnidirectional service robots

The extraordinary manoeuvrability and smooth driving behaviour of the MPO-700 make it ideally suited for use in omnidirectional service robots.

The most popular example for systems based on the MPO-700 is the Care-O-bot 3 of the Fraunhofer IPA. The Care-O-bot 3 is used by several European research institutes and universities and is well known in the international robotics community.

The DESIRE Technology Platform also owes its omnidirectional movability to the MPO-700. This robot was developed in a research project under cooperation of the most important German developers and manufacturers in robotics. The DESIRE platform combined the latests state-of-the-art technology into a very versatile and flexible service robot with special focus and suitability for daily use.


Omnidirectional systems for different applications

The MPO-700 offers important advantages over other vehicles in industrial applications as well. Being an omnidirectional vehicle, the MPO-700 is perfectly suited for narrow environments like laboratories or older workshops. In these surroundings the MPO-700 can reach destinations which are inaccessible for other transport systems.

But possible applications go far beyond those that are nowadays realised with mobile robots. Especially the ability of omnidirectional positioning of the payload at any point of the MPO-700's workspace open completely new applications. The MPO-700 is not only capable of transporting goods just as well as our other  transport robots, but also eliminates the need for additional handling systems by directly unloading the payload off the omnidirectional robot in the correct orientation.

This video shows the manoeuvrability of the omnidirectional robot MPO-700.