Mobile robot MP-700

Mobile robot MP-700
Mobile robot MP-700

Mobile robot MP-700, view A
Mobile robot MP-700, view B
Mobile robot MP-700, CAD view
Mobile robot MP-700, dimensions

The third generation of the MP-700 was designed to offer easy access to all components and provide generous space for modifications and additional devices. Because of this, the product line 700 is especially suitable for the integration of one or two manipulator arms.

Its high stability and simple modification made the mobile robot MP-700 the number one choice for several research projects dealing with mobile manipulation. No matter if an arm from Schunk, KUKA or Universal Robots or even several manipulators have to be integrated, the big platform can handle almost every application. The basic design can be changed without problems to contain even very big industrial electric control cabinets.

Since the MP-700 is extremely robust and offers one of the highest payload of all Neobotix platforms, there is hardly any limit to the integration of additional devices and functions.

Payload:  300 kg
Dimensions:  786 x 717 x 411 (LxWxH, in mm)
Speed:  <1.0 m/s

  up to 10 h

Sensors:  1-2 x 2D laser scanner
  5 x ultrasonic sensors
Control via:  External PC (WLAN)
  On-board computer

Several interesting options are available as well.