PlatformCtrl is the established control software for all mobile robots from Neobotix.

It can be used for all robots with differential drive and contains all necessary functions for autonomous mobile robots:

  • Localisation: The information extracted from the laser scan of the environment is permanently matched with an internal map of the workspace. This enables the robot to calculate its position with high accuracy. Optional systems can be used to achieve even millimetre accuracy. Only natural landmarks (like walls) are required for localisation. No modification of the workspace is needed, saving costs and time. Very difficult situations can be handled by using simple paste-on reflectors.
  • Knowledge of the surrounding: The internal map not only allows the robot to find its correct position. It is also used to safely plan paths through areas which are not visible at the moment. If routes have been defined, the robot will choose the best path among these routes, avoiding difficult situations altogether. Due to the permanent scanning of the environment, dynamic obstacles are detected early and collisions can be avoided safely.
  • Motion control: PlatformCtrl makes all robots follow their predefined paths precisely and reliably. The destinations are reached with impressive repeat accuracy.
  • Simulation: The integrated simulation mode can be used to plan and estimate installations very close to reality without the need for a real robot. Optimising processes and cycle times early in the project also helps to reduce costs and to increase efficiency.

Intuitive graphical user interface


When installed on any computer and connected to the robot via WLAN the graphical user interface of PlatformCtrl provides a convenient tool to quickly set up the robot application.

PlatformCtrl comes with an editor that is as intuitive as a drawing program: maps, routes and destinations can be created and modified by simple drag-and-drop.
Once a map has been created, all important functions of the robot can immediately be tested. This reduces the installation time and gets the system operational literally within minutes.

PlatformCtrl provides several user-friendly functions:

  • Mapping: The required maps can be created by almost anybody with the convenient integrated editor. Beside the landmarks that are necessary for localisation, a number of supporting elements can be used to make the programming even easier.
  • Routes: Destinations and the paths connecting them can be defined by drag-and-drop. Different kinds of paths can be used to exactly match the application's requirements.
  • Motion modes: The robot can be remote controlled while creating the map. With a simple mouse click it can also be ordered to autonomously move to any given position within the workspace. And of course all routes and destinations can also be tested directly after they have been created.
  • Programming: Simple applications can be defined in the GUI and then be executed autonomously or triggered by a PLC via OPC UA.
    The user-friendly language Python can be used to create complex programs for the robot. Anything from a simple script to a dynamic application control system is possible. PlatformCtrl can even interact with ArmCtrl.

The operating manual for PlatformCtrl is available in our download area.

We also support ROS

All our robots can also use the Robot Operating System (ROS) instead of PlatformCtrl. ROS is a free open source framework that can control a wide range of different robots. It is constantly improved and extended by a big international community of robotics developers and researchers.