Mobile Manipulator MM-400


MM-400 LWA 4D
MM-400 dimensions

The mobile manipulator MM-400 combines the mobile robot MP-400 and a light-weight robot arm from Schunk to create a very compact and agile robot system for research applications.

Its small footprint makes the MM-400 perfect for use in narrow environments where other robots cannot navigate.

The Schunk light weight arm can be individually customised to perfectly meet the applications requirements.

The platform's control software includes localisation, planning and path interpolation and is based on Neobotix' well-proven software PlatformCtrl or ROS. The Schunk arm can also be controlled by ROS.

Payload:  60 kg or 110 kg (Platform)
  6 kg or 10 kg (Arm)
Arm:  Schunk
Dimensions:  590 x 559 x 411 (LxWxH, in mm)
Speed:  <1.5 m/s

  approx. 5h

Sensors:  1 x 2D laser scanner
  6 x ultrasonic sensors (opt.)

Several interesting options are available as well.