Neobotix - Robotics & Automation

Neobotix is manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems. We provide robots and manipulators for a wide range of applications.

Omnidirectional robot MPO-700

Robots for research
Our products range from the small mobile robot to mobile robot arms and several omnidirectional robots.

We have specialised in designing customised mobile robots to meet your unique requirements.
Most robot arms can be integrated into our mobile platforms.

Powered by ROS
All our mobile robots run the Robot Operating System. This free and open source operating system for service robots allows you to easily modify our systems to meet even your most demanding specifications.

With ROS you can base your development on cutting edge technology developed by a huge and dedicated international community. Since its beginning in 2007 ROS has grown to become the most commonly used framework for robotics development of all kinds.

Customised mobile robots
Our roots are at the Fraunhofer IPA, one of Germany's leading research institutes in robotics. We have kept close ties to the robotics community ever since, giving us extensive experience in building customised and extraordinary robots.
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Material transport in a factory



Neobotix has relocated

We have moved to bigger premises within Heilbronn. Beside more space for our developers we now also have improved production ...

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RT-Lions participate in RoboCup 2019 with their MMO-700

The RT-Lions from Reutlingen University are participating in the RoboCup 2019 in Sydney with their mobile manipulator MMO-700 ...

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