Neobotix also offers an autonomous mobile robot for surveillance and security. The robot is fully autonomous, able to recharge itself automatically, react to dynamic obstacles and plan both repeatable or random patrols.

Of course it is also possible to move the robot from a remote control centre via internet. Additionally the platform is able to report its status by SMS via installed GPRS.

Sensor equipment

sensor equipment

For surveillance and security tasks, the robot is built based on the mobile platfrom MP-500 which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
In addition the robot is equipped with a surveillance camera, enabling users to get a live view of the robot's surroundings. The camera is also used to grab and save pictures in case of an alarm.

To ensure highest efficiency in surveillance and security, the following types of sensors can be integrated into the robot:

  • Laser scanner: sensor range 190 degrees, 30 meters
  • Passive-infrared sensors
  • Radar sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors

With these features the robot is not only capable of monitoring its surrounding for heat and movement but is also able to detect changes in the environment, track persons and confirm the presence of important objects. In case of emergency, the robot can furthermore be used as a telepresence system.

Easy setup


One of the most important features is the ability to install the robot in incompletely new environments within a very short time and with only minimum effort and experience. This way it is possible to add a reliable and versatile component to a short-term job that does not require expensive stationary systems.

Possible services are exhibitions, modifications of buildings, trade fairs and other temporary events.