Automatic measurement

Possible applications


An important field of applications for mobile robots is measurement and data acquisition on large areas. Generally speaking all tasks that require a portable sensor to be moved on a surface where a platform can drive on.

One field of use is the examination of large concrete surfaces such as multi-storey car parks, bridges, storage areas etc. The mobile robot will drive autonomously along a predefined grid and checks the surface for imperfections, damages and other defects.

In the research projekt BetoScan a platform based on the MP-500 has been modified to carry a variety of specialised sensors along the concrete surface.

The project RoboGasInspector also uses a mobile robot MP-500 with a customised sensor array to remotely detect gas leaks.


Grid based measuring


Many applications require a large set of measurements based on a grid along a wide area. Using a mobile robot in these applications offers great advantages.
The robot supersedes the repeating setup of the sensors and the exact manual positioning automates the complete data acquisition and storage and also an important part of the post processing. This does not only save time but also improves the quality of the measured data.

The grid the robot has to work on can easily be defined by arranging small marker on its limits. The platform will detect these markers, create a map of the environment and fit a measuring grid into the relevant area. This grid can then be adjusted and modified by the user if necessary.
Obstacles, like columns oder barriers, are automatically detected and the movement and the measuring grid is modified autonomously.



Different measuring tasks require different types of setting up the robot. Scientific measurements can often be prepared calmly but need to be very accurate. Industrial measurements on the other hand need to be prepared fast, easy and with automatic optimisation.

The standard software PlatformCtrl offers different modes of mapping. Depending on the requirements the environment can be scanned slowly and accurately or fast and simple. The detailed environmental maps can be used to create floor plans.


The research project BetoScan has successfully used our
mobile robot MP-500 to analyse large areas of concrete.