Neobotix products in industrial applications

Audi AG


The Audi AG and the HAW Ingolstadt are working with a mobile manipulator MM-800, already doing test runs under normal production conditions.

The robot is used for picking parts from the storage as part of the production preparation. This project has two main objectives:

  • This new level of automation is meant to help handling the increasing number of different picking processes in production preparation. The mobile manipulator is almost as flexible as a worker but can be directly linked to the process control system. Its error probability is therefore significantly lower which will reduce costs created by mistakenly selected and assembled parts.
  • Furthermore the robot relieves the human workers from handling bulky or heavy parts.

BSH Bosch and Siemens Homeappliance


An omnidirectional robot tests dishwashers in continuous operation in a lab of Bosch and Siemens Homeappliance. The whole robot was designed and built by Neobotix according to the customer's requirements. It uses four Neobotix Omni-Drive-Modules to maneouvre in its very narrow workspace. A UR10 robot arm from Universal robots is mounted on a vertical lift axis. This enables the robot to operate dishwashers at two different levels.

In order to achieve highest efficiency, the robot operates 24/7. Ceiling mounted conductor rails supply power to the robot and also provide the connection to the safety system of the workspace as well as to the overall control system.








Fabmatics integrates our Omni-Drive-Modules and the robot control software PlatformCtrl into their mobile manipulators HAP-HERO FAB. These mobile robots are used to automate clean room production processes.

Its omnidirectional drive system enables the robot to move through very narrow corridors inside the factory. A compact robot arm is also integrated, allowing the system to autonomously feed fragile parts such as wafers into different machines.



Nussbaum Technologies

Nussbaum Technologies

Nussbaum Technologies develops and installs automatic parking systems for cars. One of those systems employs an omnidirectional mobile platform to fetch cars from a parking lot and bring them to the customers.

Localisation and accurate navigation of this platform, which weighs several tons, is handled by our reliable robot control software PlatformCtrl.

The first of these car vending systems was opened for Carvana in the USA at the beginning of 2016. Now customers can pick up a car as easy as using a jukebox.



ProSiebenSat.1 Media / N24


The N24 news studio is on-air since October 2008, using Neobotix hardware. Eight combined camera robot systems are operating in Berlin:

  • Two dollys are running on a C-shaped rail of 9m diameter under the ceiling of the main news studio. Each dolly carries a vertical lift unit with a pan-tilt-head.
  • Three more pan-tilt heads are mounted on fixed pedestals on the floor of the news studio.
  • The last three systems are used in a greenscreen studio, each consisting of a lift column, a pan-tilt-head and a localisation extension. These three camera robots are connected to the virtual graphic system of the studio.

All these camera robots have been especially developed by Neobotix for this application. ArmCtrl is used to control the motion of all axes.

SAV Mittweida


The automation specialist SAV Mittweida uses a transport robot MT-400 to supply a machine with heavy parts.

The MT-400 fetches the parts from several roller conveyors and feeds them into the machine's supply buffer. This makes the machine independent from the output rhythm of other production steps and allows it to always run at full capacity.