Museum of science in San Sebastian


On November 9. 2005 a mobile robot, based on the MP-600 was sent to the KutxaEspacio de la Ciencia in San Sebastian, Spain. In this museum it moves around fully autonomous and welcomes visitors. The robot provides interactive information by means of a touchscreen and the platform's integrated audio system.

The futuristic cover of the robot is equipped with several LEDs and a high-quality webcam and a tiltable head. The pictures from the webcam can be watched on a couple of monitors in the museum.

The Fraunhofer IPA provided the software for this robot, which enables it to interact with the visitors.

Opel Showroom


On October 16, 2003, two exhibition robots were put into operation in an Opel showroom in Berlin. Moving autonomously in the exposition halls during the opening hours, the robots entertain and inform visitors.

This is the second installation of interactive entertainment robots developed at Fraunhofer IPA in a public building in Berlin, following the successful installation of three museum robots at the Museum Of Communication in March 2000.

Museum of Communication


The very first mobile robots running in a public area belong to the Museum of Communication in Berlin.

The three mobile platforms are a early versions of the MP-600 platform and have been constructed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart. The prime objective of this installation is to welcome visitors of the museum with a new technical attraction. According to the artistic concept, the mobile robots move freely in the foyer of the museum and welcome, entertain and inform visitors. The focus of the concept lies on the game-like interaction between the machines and people.

The robots meet the following technical requirements:

  • Absolutely safe operation
  • Automatic detection and avoidance of obstacles
  • Limitation of their workspace to the predefined area
  • Robust design preventing any possible damage
  • Functions for self-diagnosis, error report and remote administration as well as interaction with other existing installations like photoelectric barriers, motion detectors and sound-sculptures

According to the concept, the three robots are identical in their mechanical MP-600 platforms but differ in their manner, appearance and functions.

  • Come-in is the animator. Fulfilling its role as a host, it approaches visitors, welcomes them in a friendly way and gives advice for their visit in the museum.
  • Did-you-know fulfills the role of an informer and retells the history of the museum in the form of a monologue.
  • Let's-play imitates a playing child. It moves around seeming uncoordinatedly and plays with a ball.

The robots have been in use since April 2000 and have covered several thousand kilometers. Up to now, no considerable problems occured.